Examining Michael Chabon’s Prose

michael chabon prose

Michael Chabon is one of the masters of prose writing today. Let’s see what we can learn by examining his prose. Preamble If you read any modern book on writing or editing, you’ll find the same sets of rules to follow over and over. These rules come out of an aesthetic known as minimalism. It … Read more

Narrative Voice vs Narrative Perspective

Narrative perspective encompasses more than narrative voice. It also involves the point of view, mood, and focalizer. This in-depth article explains all this and more.

Verbs of Being and the Past Progressive Tense

verbs of being

Everyone gets told to “show, don’t tell” at some point in their education. Today I want to talk about an equally important (and related) piece of advice that rarely gets taught. In fact, many people go through their whole lives and don’t even notice this. Until you’re told to look for it, you might miss … Read more

3 Common Elements of Weak Writing

weak writing

I’ve been reading a lot lately and critically thinking about what makes good or bad writing. Maybe I shouldn’t use those terms. I’ve been thinking a lot about things that I like and would like to imitate and things that I don’t like that I would like to avoid. In general, I’ve been making a … Read more