Reading for Comfort, Reading for Pain

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Anecdotally, the reading of literature seems to be down in these trying times. I’ve spoken to some of my author friends, and they, like me, are seeing a downturn in numbers. There are obvious reasons for this, but those aren’t points we should dwell on. People have less disposable income. Information is changing so quickly, … Read more

Using Psychology Podcasts for Character Development

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Finding that perfect balance for characterization can be difficult. Many err on the side of simplicity, and this turns their characters into mere caricatures. These flat characters are boring and predictable. Others try to develop so much back story and depth that their characters become too unpredictable. If every character acted like a real human, … Read more

How to Break into Poetry with Milton’s Sonnets

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John Milton is known as one of the greatest English language poets of all time. Many are introduced to him through his masterwork — the epic tome of blank verse — Paradise Lost. That tends to be where people start and end with him. They often get turned off and never make it through any of … Read more

Horror: A Genre of Modern Literary Importance

horror literary genre

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is around the corner, and horror films fill our recommended viewing on the streaming platforms. Even book bloggers and vloggers join in with recommended horror novels. In this article, I hope to convince you that horror is the perfect literary genre for our current moment. They aren’t … Read more

5 Best Places to Find New Books to Read

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I’m often caught reading strange books that no one has heard of. Family members ask me: where did you even hear about that? Well, this article is my answer. This just going to be a list of the best places to find new books, including book bloggers and vloggers that make great reviews and recommendations. … Read more

How to Memorize Faster and Easier for Exams Free

how to memorize faster and easier for exams

We’re coming upon that time of the year: final exams. Everyone wants to know the shortcut for how to memorize faster and easier for exams. As they say, there are no shortcuts in life. But there is a lot of scientific research on what’s most effective. I’ll leave links at the end, but I’m not … Read more

A Guide to Writing Ethical Amazon Reviews

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This is a guide to writing ethical Amazon reviews. It applies to both the occasional reviewer and the prolific reviewer. Disclaimer: The weather is great. I’m in a good mood. This is not about me. I don’t even write under my real name anymore, so I honestly don’t care what people say about my books. … Read more

The OA is the Best Show You Haven’t Seen

the oa

The OA is a Netflix original series by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. You may know Brit Marling from Another Earth. This series has some of the most inventive and suspenseful storytelling I’ve seen. It is constantly original and surprising. It hooks you with question after question. I’m not even sure I can tell you … Read more