Why Play Roguelike Games?

roguelike games

In the past, I’ve written about video games as an important experience for people who value art. Roguelike games are particularly great examples of this. In honor of junethack, a month-long NetHack tournament, I want to defend roguelike games in general, and NetHack in particular, as a means of providing an experience that is difficult … Read more

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Video Games as a Solution to One-Sided Art

one-sided art

In October, I wrote a post in defense of gaming in which the central argument is a claim that any person who takes experiencing art as an important human experience should consider certain types of games as a worthwhile use of time as well. Some games are basically interactive films, but some are much more … Read more

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In Defense of Gaming as Art

are video games art?

Are video games art? What a bizarre question. It has been debated through the years, but I’m not sure there is anyone out there that has seriously thought about the question and is willing to defend that they are not. The debate seems over and the conclusion is that video games are art. Ebert’s Objection … Read more

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On Artistic Pacing: Patience or Legitimate?

artistic pacing

Artistic pacing is a favorite criticism of art critics I read online. Let’s dive into what it means and if it is legitimate. Too Slow Pacing This topic is very relevant to me right now. The past two movies I saw have been heavily criticised for being too slowly paced (Moon and Departures). Two of … Read more

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When Art is Meaningless But Essential

meaningless art

Ah. Meaningless art. That phrase can make those of us who have dedicated our lives to some artistic pursuit cringe. I recently read Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Murakami brings up many fantastic themes in a very complicated plot but uses a simple writing style. The novel drops a truth bomb in the … Read more

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